About Our Company

Enmaa Alkhalij

Is working in Construction, General Trading, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Catering support and General Services & Support…

All our Services are provided in a way that makes our Clients feel at home, and that We are More Than Just Partners!

We make sure that Our Services are provided to help our Clients at the core of their Businesses and capacitate to complete their job in the Best Possible Manner!

Our Philosophy

One of our main strong points is our Work force! And is our Most Valuable Investment.
Continuous development, Team Work, Spirit, New Experience is what we are committed to and we believe that this is the best to develop our Team Abilities and Performance.
Our Highly Experienced Staff provide adequate guidance and support to our young personnel who represent the charisma of our Team and are our Future Assets!
We are very careful in our reliance on Local Staff and to involve people from the place where our jobs are being performed.
We strive to be a good neighbor and try to bring benefits to the places where we work.
Providing high quality performance and implementation is our Main Guarantee which consequently ensures our Work for Tomorrow! We try to make our Staff understand this to feel like a part of our Company and, as much, they do their work Professionally which further ensures they be safe in their jobs.

Our Strengths

Our Abilities

Our long experience in performing jobs successfully have been the root cause of our Client Satisfaction, along with:
– Our Carefully chosen, highly experienced and trained staff.
– OurEquipment and Sources.
– Our Strong Partners who provide InternationalProducts.
– OurAgents and multiple offices in different locations.
Being an Enmaa Alkhalij co, makes us aware about our Market and Work Environment.

OUR Different Quarters


We share Industry-leading excellence with every one of our Clients.
We offer:
– General Contracting
– Construction Management
– Design-building
– Pre-construction Planning Services
– For Projects of all sizes, from a Single Office Fit-up to Treatment Plants with a different value.