Health Safety & Environment

a) Our HSE policy:
Our long-term of success in our business is determined by being able to improve our services quality, hand in hand with emphasizing on ensuring the human health, operational safety and protection of the environment. We are devoted to:
• Communicate with our clients and guarantee their understanding of our HSE.
• Develop our actions on issues related to our stakeholders that are of worldwide interest.
• Meet the identified requests of our customers by ensuring their satisfaction.
• Recognize and accept our responsibilities as a company in providing a safe and secure workplace for the employees.
• Take all reasonably practical steps to meet the responsibilities, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:
– Plant equipment and systems of work to provide safe working environment
– Safety arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of substances
– Sufficient information, instruction, and training to enable all mployees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety of work.
– A safe place of work and safe access to it.
– A healthy working environment.
– A secure site for site offices, stores, equipment utilities and all property belonging to the Client and / or the Contractor.
This policy should be reviewed on a regular basis in order to make sure the unending appropriateness. Moreover, this policy is complied with all applicable laws and rules where we work, which are so critical to our business, as it thoroughly reduces all losses and inceases the value for our clients.

b) Objective of site security program:
Our company is devoted to make use of suitable security program which helps in efficiently find and lessen htreats and risks in the work sites. This program is founded upon a process of:
• Minimizing and eliminating the risk of injury and hazards to all personnel.
• Enhancing employees awareness about hazards and training them in accident prevention techniques.
• Providing adequate supervision so as to ensure safe and secure working place.
• Insuring the provision of such protective clothes and safety equipment in order to insure the health and safety of employees.
• Establishing and maintaining a system of accident reports and records.
• Fencing off workshops, office, and storage areas and providing adequate security lights.
• Securing drawings, programs, employees, property utilities, information and construction works against any ill-intended acts and minimizing the changes of breach of security.
c) Site safety organization:
This organization helps new and moved personnel in becoming acquainted with our HSE.
• The Project Manager shall be responsible for the overall safety and security policy administration of Enmaa Alkhalij co. for General Contracting and Trading.
• The Safety Officer is responsible for the implementation of the security program.
• The Subcontractor Project Managers (e.g. mechanical and electrical, landscaping, etc.) will be responsible through Enmaa Alkhalij co. roject Manager for the implementation of the Safety Program within the areas of their respective work.
• We pays great importance to ensure that all personnel performing activities affecting safety have
adequate experience and qualifications



Everybody Goes Home Back Safely!!! Is our most respected valued for which we continuously Train & Advise our Employees & make HSE a Culture!


An Auditing System for our HSE quarter ensures we can observe and make sure that our HSE Policy is performed well.


Environment must be kept SAFE and Taken Care Of, for which, We have Adequate Measures related to our Equipment & Waste Management


Our Trained Staff are Clearly Aware that they can STOP work if they feel something is going just not the Correct way.