Coordinate Drilling and Workover personnel, contractors and equipment callouts; Closely monitoring trailers, cranes and other logistical equipment schedule windows and weather conditions.

Coordinate with Drilling and Workover Superintendents, Platform PIC and Vessel Control Center, all medical transportation and emergency evacuations.

Initiate/process all operator material and equipment requisitions.

Track and maintain accurate inventory of all drilling tools/supplies.

Maintain updated records on all drill tool inspections.

Maintain daily room roosters and muste sheets.

Code, process and obtain Superintendent’s approval for all vendor invoices in accordance with client’s Account Payable procedures.

Initiate and process all cargo manifests, material activity and material movement forms. Process DOT and Waste tracking forms as part of shipping manifests.

Arrange Appropriate transportation and assist in personnel transfers as required by drilling regimen.

Assist Drilling and Workover Superintendents and Engineering as requested to expedite material and personnel resources.

Rental Equipment & Convestion

We provide a variety of light and heavy equipment for rental by other companies on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. As well, our qualified specialists are prepared to support our clienteles in reparation and renovation of most kinds of equipment. That is because we believe that conservation is one of the tools to improve our production deprived of negotiating the safety of the procedure.

Civil Work at Rig Sites

The use of earthen or lined pits is integral to drilling waste anagement. During most onshore drilling operations, the cutting separatedby the shale shaker aresenttoa pitcalledthereserve pitlocatednearthe drill rig. Hepatitis generally open to the atmosphere, soit also accumulates
torm water and wash water fromtherig.The Strategic location of small pits in drilling sites canals help minimize spillage of waste materials. Unless site characteristics are such that no significant threat to water esources can occur, liners are generally required. Where pits musts be constructed adjacent to water bodies or on sloping terrain, engineering precautions incorporated into the design will help to ensure pit ntegrity. Precautions should be take to prevent disposal of chemicals, efuse, debris, or other materials not intended for pit disposal.

Rig Moving

When it’s time to move your rig, we have the equipment and the manpower to do this job proficiently and without harm. Starting from primary planning to loading, we can move any size of rigs anywhere in Iraq; we have all the resources to handle any-rig-moving services
such as:
• Visiting rig sites and checking load lists with rig managers.
• Managing rig move projects; ensuring that they are undertaken in the correct sequence.
• Providing appropriately skilled team in order to help in carrying out the transportation plan.
• Compiling and reporting on the whole rig moving procedure as a way of enhancing and improving the future services.

Site Preparation

Once the site has been selected, our experts study the area in order to set its borders and carry out studies about the ecological effect if needed. Previously to the beginning of well drilling, and as drill sites are most of the time located some distance from public highways, we construct an access road between the public highway and the site of the well. No doubt that one of the most critical factors in any project is site preparation, it requires precision, technology, skilled technicians and an unwavering commitment to attention to detail.
Our ability to provide total site preparation services maximizes critical timing components and decreases the down time and scheduling onflicts encountered when waiting on outside crews for various project stages.

Catering Support

We strive to provide a comprehensive dining experience, allowing your employees to enjoy delicious meals.
In our company, we take pride in offering a catering service that combines quality and convenience. Let us be a part of enhancing team spirit and well-being in your work environment.
Contact us today for consultation and customization of the service according to your company’s needs.


Our Commitment to do an Outstanding job completion, Exceptional ustomer Service and Superior Safety Performance has made us a artner of Choice in the Construction Industry.
We are renowned for xcellence in a various range of markets.
Our Extensive Experience in ach and every realm is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams, all who take pride in doing the best possible job for our Clients.

General Trading

Enmaa Alkhalij co. business was formed through the partnership of well experienced individuals.
They believed that All Lasting Businesses are built on Friendship!! They were much inspired by their passion to serve every one of their Clientele from all over the World

Having Positive Attitude and with their Experience in Life & Business, they became successful business partners. Theyachieved their Dreams with trust and confidence with one another.
Business, more than any other occupation is a continual dealing with the future. It is a continual calculation and aninstinctive exercise with Foresight
Experienced road Transport Operators, especially those that deliver a High Quality, Skilled, Niche service are in frequently encountered, who have manyayear know how for transporting avariety of good sall over Iraq.
Our reach is global and our International reach is a crucial factor that enables us to determine the correct operating modelandbuild compelling business case for each customer…
We deliver international logistics and supply chain solutions, leveraging the optimal transportation mode to deliver in line with our customers’s pecific needs.